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Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, and your bathtub is one of the centerpieces of the room. As time goes on, your bathtub may wear down and acquire many blemishes to its surface. Along with blemishes your bathtub can accumulate gunk, scars, scratches, and many other imperfections that can leave your tub as an eyesore. We here at Supreme Renovation make it our mission to make your tub look pristine and we do it through tile reglazing, also known as bathtub refinishing. We offer the best solutions when it comes to your bathtub, here’s why you should get your bathtub reglazed today.


It’s very cost effective


We offer some of the best prices around when it comes to getting your bathtub reglazed. Compared to getting your bathtub completely replaced for around $3000-5000, getting it reglazed will only set you back around $500. With a bathtub reglazing you can save as much as $4000 for each bathtub that you get it on when compared to getting the same bathtub replaced. As well as your bathtub, you can get your tiles reglazed for half the cost of a new tile installation.


Refinished bathtubs are identical to new ones


When getting your tub reglazed you will notice that it has never looked better, that's because it hasn’t. Getting a tub reglazed practically makes it brand new. Reglazing can make all the blemishes on your tub disappear, virtually making it into a new tub. The only difference you'll be able to spot between a new tub and a reglazed one is the price tag.


Bathtubs are the center of your bathroom


Bathtubs are the quintessential part of any person’s bathroom. The bathtub is even partially in the name of the room. That’s why every bathroom should keep its bathtubs pristine. With Supreme Renovation’s reglazing services, we’ll make sure your bathtub is top-notch and top-performing. After all, who wants to take a nice long relaxing bath in an old, cracked, and grimy tub when they can have a freshly glazed tub for a small cost?


Reglazing is an easy fix to a big problem


Getting your bathtub reglazed can prove to a be an easy, cost-effective, and long term fix to a large problem: grime, cracks,and dirt. Supreme Renovation can get your bathtub done in less than a day and can have that same bathtub last for decades to come. What are you waiting for, ask us for a consultation for no cost to you.