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Carpentry services in ALL of the Five Boroughs in NY

The furniture serves as the life and soul of the house. It is part of the formula that makes a house a home. After all, no matter how many people are living inside a home, it is simply not complete without furniture lending it character.

Carpentry is one of the most important fields in construction. Almost every construction work needs carpentry. Therefore we offer high-quality carpentry and handyman services for your home repair and home improvement needs.


Our Carpentry Services


  • General interior repair: Electrical fittings, cabinets, floors, shelves and various other interior elements sometimes need repair and restoration, requiring the services of master carpenters. We offer carpentry solutions for general repairs, ensuring long and stress-free living.

  • Wooden floor installation and repair: Wood floors complete the look and feel of the contemporary interior, enabling the living spaces to come alive with the sound and feel of hardwood! Our carpentry services cover wooden floor installation and repair as well, allowing homeowners to increase the appeal and value of their homes.

  • We do all kind of decks, flooring, custom cabinets, pantry, shelf organizers etc.


Why Choose Us


We, at Supreme Renovations, offer the best in carpentry services to our clients in ALL of the Five Boroughs in NY. We can take care of any project, regardless of size and scope, all in due time, and without even the slightest compromise of service quality.


If you are in search of masterful carpentry services in ALL of New York City, get in touch with us on +1(347)896-3235, for a free consultation.