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Whether you’re looking for a stair contractor, railing installation, or stair builders, Supreme Renovation A2Z is always your best choice. We design and install custom stairs, staircases, stair restorations, and rail systems for discerning residential clients in New York City and Tri-State Area.

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Best Custom Staircase

The staircase serves as a distinctive architectural element for any home design in addition to
giving access to the top levels of the house, a bedroom or mezzanine, a sun deck, or garden

Many people believe that designing custom stairs must be a time-consuming, difficult job. But
this is false. Your best option is always Supreme Renovation A2Z. We propose to you
numerous options handy in planning and creating your staircase.

Through our distinctive, modern, and contemporary staircase designs, Supreme Renovation
A2Z has assisted countless property owners and business owners in enhancing the appearance
and usability of their homes or facility. We work closely with contractors, builders, architects,
carpenters, engineers, and other professionals who need a specific style of stairs made for their
project in addition to working directly with handy homeowners.

We will create the ideal staircase for you based on your requirements and preferences. Every
set of stairs we build is exactly constructed according to shop designs, and we can send them
anywhere in the nation. Additionally, our customers can select from a large range of stair
accessories, such as stainless steel railings, wooden treads on handrails, and many other

We see no reason in the world why a homeowner should invest in high-quality custom
staircases, only to struggle with installation issues once the stairs arrive. Our cutting-edge
design tools and meticulous attention to detail guarantee a trouble-free installation experience
from beginning to end. We accept complete responsibility for our stairs and stair parts, whether
we’re working with a homeowner, an interior designer, or a contractor.

We offer building and remodeling services for both residential and commercial properties. We
specialize in the following areas: individual spiral staircases:

  • Custom curved staircase
  • Custom wood staircase
  • Custom metal staircase


We are renowned for our faultless, sturdy staircase building in a range of materials, including
wood, metal, glass, and stone, thanks to our dedication to design and engineering expertise.
From a design standpoint, this implies that our stairways may be seamlessly incorporated into
the overall style of the building.

The precise shape of your stairs will have an impact on the custom staircase pricing. The price
of the stair treads and railings that go along with it also goes up. To make the process simple
and easy, get in touch with a reputable custom staircase service in NYC.

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