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Interior Renovation

We, at Supreme Renovation, offer complete interior remodeling services to all our clients in and around in ALL of New York City. We craft an ideal interior situation from scratch, replacing all the old interior elements with new installations, to rejuvenate the house from the inside, and beautify it for a fresh, new start.


Our Complete Interior Remodeling Services


  • Walls and flooring remodel: The walls and flooring are integral aspects of the interior. Our range of walls and flooring remodeling as well as repair guarantee longevity of the interior, as well as a fresh design scheme.

  • Aesthetic redesign: If you want an interior that looks much better, feels more spacious and offers better functionality, then opt for our aesthetic redesign services. We radically improve upon the old interior design, allowing for both form and function in one package.

  • Creative interior design: Our interior design services feature contemporary design schemes and modern themes, with fresh coats and paint, for a total overhaul of your home's interior.


Why Choose Us


We approach the complete remodeling task from the ground up. This allows us to go into the redesign with a clean slate, although with a design plan in mind. Throughout the process, we ensure stringent quality and expert craftsmanship, to ensure that your interior looks amazing for a very long time until you decide to redesign it once again.


If you are in search of complete interior remodeling services in ALL of New York City, get in touch with us on +1(347)896-3235, for a free estimate.