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We, at Supreme Renovation, offer handyman services to cater to any and all minor repair and installations. Let our trained professionals handle all of your minor construction, repair and installation issues.


Our Handyman Services


  • Electrical fixture repair and installation

  • Small-scale paint job

  • Minor furniture repair

  • Electronic appliance installation

  • Furniture assembling

  • Drywall repair

  • Tiling and regrouting

  • Repair and minor restoration related to long-term fixtures (windows, doors, cabinets, shelves etc.)


Why Choose Us


We, at Supreme Renovation, make sure that each and every task, no matter how minor or detailed, gets completed on time and with the best in industry expertise, as well as efficiency.


If you are in search of handyman services in ALL of the Five Boroughs in NY, get in touch with us on +1(347)896-3235, for a free estimate.