10 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Your bathroom is the place where you go to chill. You may even watch Netflix or your favorite shows in your bubble bath (we don’t judge). But taking that bath might be just a tad bit difficult when you can’t store anything in your bathroom.

Plus, not being able to store towels and skincare in your bathroom is an A-grade crime. Towels and skincare should always be on hand, especially when you’re fond of taking long baths.

But how can you make space for all your stuff in your bathroom? Let’s look at 14 clever ways you can use every square inch of your bathroom.

1. Sink Skirt
If you haven’t got the budget for new storage options, then a sink skirt is your best buddy. Your sink probably has two feet of extra space underneath it. You can utilize all this space by hanging a sink curtain and stashing everything you need under it.

For instance, you could hang a wire rack and stack all your bathroom cleaning supplies under your sink. You could also use that space to stash soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and other hair and body supplies.

2. Storage Caddies
Storage caddies are wire or wooden racks you could hang anywhere to create instant storage. For instance, you could hang a storage caddy around your bathtub to get instant access to your soap, body wash, moisturizer, and shampoo.
You could also hang storage caddies on the walls of your bathroom or in corners to create more storage options. For instance, a wall caddy could store your towels, skincare and makeup essentials, and toiletries.

3. Dual-purpose Mirror
A mirror is good for looking at your face, but it can also be a great place to hide things behind, especially items you don’t want anybody else to see or know about. The only catch is that you need to call in bathroom remodeling contractors to make this clever storage idea a reality.

But if you’re already doing a bathroom renovation, getting your contractor to hollow a two-foot by one-and-a-half-foot place (or whatever dimensions you like) is going to be easy. Once the space is plastered and painted, you could stash anything you want back there!

4. Bar Carts
If you have enough space in your bathroom, you could use a bar cart as extra storage. You could stack towels on the middle rack of the cart, non-essentials at the bottom, and essentials at the top.

Essentials include all the things you use every day, such as soap, cleanser, makeup remover, cotton pads, exfoliators, and skincare essentials. Non-essentials would include body scrub, deep conditioner, and other specialized products.

5. Towel Rack
If you don’t have anywhere in your bathroom to store towers, a towel rack is going to be your best buddy. You could make the rack as big or small as you like and place it anywhere you want. Even mounting it on the wall isn’t out of the question.

6. Basket Shelves
If you feel like wall caddies aren’t your thing, and you’re a more woodsy or earthy person, you could go for basket shelves to store your things. You could mount these shelves on your walls or place individual baskets in the vertical storage space that you already have access to.

Basket shelves are also going to look great while doing the job. So, if aesthetics and functionality are on your mind, you’re going to tick both with these rustic bombshells.

7. Ladders
You may be thinking that ladders are best kept in the shed, and you’d be right. But they double fantastically as towel hangers and also look great. So, if you’re short on storage spaces in your bathroom and don’t mind stuff hanging from places, a ladder is going to be just what you need.

You could place your ladder beside the shower, so you could get easy access to a towel when you’re done. Or you could place it above your toilet to make space for normal bathroom wanderings and move it when nature calls.

8. Rails
If a ladder isn’t up your alley, and you’re fine with the idea of poking holes into your bathroom walls, then rails are going to be the best thing for hanging towels and clothes. You could also hang baskets and hooks from rails, which makes them extremely handy.

For instance, a single rail could double as towel storage, but it could also be hung with three individual baskets you could use to store makeup essentials, small bathroom items like tweezers, and other essentials like cotton pads, rubbing alcohol, etc.

9. Vertical Shelves
If you don’t like the idea of rails, caddies, or ladders, you should go for vertical shelves. These can be used in various ways. You could stack towels on one shelf and other essentials like hairdryers, curlers, and flat irons on another.

You could also stack some baskets on your shelves and store whatever you want in them, such as clips, bands, lipsticks, cleansers, and more.

10. Storage Towers
If you really hate the idea of drilling into your bathroom’s pristine walls, you could place a tall pre-built cabinet in your bathroom and stash everything you want in it. For instance, you could use an older tall storage rack, add doors to it, and place it in your bathroom.

The storage rack would be great for storing towels, skincare items, makeup essentials, hair accessories like wigs, hair dryers, curlers, and other items.

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