10 Easy Home Improvement Ideas Under $1,000

Simple ways to increase the value of your property include painting the exterior, replacing an appliance, and updating the countertops.

The price to upgrade countertops and appliances will range between four and ten figures. Try to discover a heavily discounted appliance at a local outlet or “scratch-and-dent” store, where almost-perfect items come with totally reasonable price tags, in order to keep this improvement within your budget.

Here are 10 easy home improvement ideas under $1,000:

1. Improve lighting
Despite the style fading, a high-quality light fixture can shine brightly for decades. If your lighting is stuck in the 1970s, altering it will completely change the appearance of the space.

2. Change the bathtub
Your home will increase in value right away and installing a new bathtub doesn’t have to break the bank. A less-priced acrylic bathtub or a more expensive standalone tub are both options.

3. Put Your Kitchen Cabinets in Order & Accessorize Them
Although organizing your kitchen cabinets may initially appear overwhelming, the results are well worth the work! Additionally, you may organize your cabinets more simply and affordably by installing pull-out dividers, spice racks, and other shelf and cabinet organizers.

4. New Paint Coat
Any room may be given a facelift by adding a fresh coat of paint. An easy and inexpensive approach to changing things up without breaking the bank is to add an accent wall or design rather than painting the house or a few rooms.

5. Use flooring to affect the room
Like paint, high-quality flooring may significantly alter the appearance and atmosphere of your rooms. A wide variety of consumers are attracted to hardwood, as well as premium laminate options and (cheap!) eco-friendly materials like bamboo and cork.

6. Refresh the entrance by changing the door
The front door of your house makes a lasting first impression and first impressions matter. The design of your new door should complement the house’s architecture. For instance, a steel modern door might look out of place on a 100-year-old Victorian house.

7. Hardware
Hardware is another element that ages quickly, including lamp plates and doorknobs. Hardware that is outdated might impact the appearance of the entire house. A day may be spent replacing door knobs and other hardware in the majority of homes.

8. Include a feature wall
Just as much as painting every wall, a well-done accent wall in the living room may boost the atmosphere of the area. Asking yourself the following questions can help you decide where to place your accent wall: Where does the eye naturally gravitate to first? To which wall does the seating point? Enhance the wall, which is currently the main attraction.

9. Modernize outlet covers and light switches
All it takes to update an older house is a straightforward switch, quite literally. For a contemporary glow-up, replace your beige toggle light switches with white rocker switches.

10. Landscaping
One of the simplest ways to brighten up your house is through landscaping. A thousand dollars may go a long way, whether you’re installing a new flower bed, growing grass, or simply adding a row of hedges.

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