​​7 Flooring Ideas Perfect for Small Bathrooms

Your bathroom is your become-Zen oasis. But there’s nothing less Zen than a bright orange or powdery yellow floor with visible grout lines that trigger your OCD and green or blue paint to match. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it?
You want your bathroom to look as big as possible when it’s small. That’ll give it the endless, ethereal look you’re looking for. But how can you do that?

Wondering how to remake your bathroom into an airer, more royal version of itself? We’ve got a few ideas. Let’s talk about them.

1. Choose Natural Stone Tiles
Natural stone tiles like marble, granite, or travertine are an excellent choice for an often-moist environment like a bathroom. You could put them around your sink, shower area, and wherever you want.

Plus, natural stone tiles are a cheaper alternative to heavy stone slabs — but only if you can without compromising your vision. They’re also resistant to weathering, which makes them a long-term solution.

2. Go Wooden
If your house is an earthly abode, or you simply can’t live without some hardwood or cedar wood flooring in your bathroom, you can go with wood.

But make sure you get your bathroom renovation experts to put a thick water-proof stain and polish on the wood before they’re done. If you don’t want to do that, paint your wooden floors. We hear white is the way to go.

3. Simple Does It with Poured Concrete
Poured concrete in the bathroom might sound like a recipe for disaster, but did you know that concrete never breaks apart or chips (unless you drop a 100-pound plate on it)? Poured concrete is the way to go if you want durability and zero maintenance for years.

Plus, it’s not as boring as it sounds. You can get concrete in several colors. You can also have your concrete polished to a mirror shine!

4. Dabble with Graphic Ceramic or Porcelain
You could go with graphic ceramic or porcelain tiles if you aren’t a fan of solid color floors or stone in your bathroom. Not only are these long-lasting (they’re baked until crisp), but they also come in a million and one variations, so you can pick whichever one you want!

You literally have no limits to your imagination if you’re going porcelain or ceramic. Just remember not to drop something heavy on your pretty tiles. They won’t break, but they will chip, and that, unfortunately, is irreversible.

5. Put the “L” in Luxury with Vinyl
If you’re terrified of putting wood in your bathroom (we get it, really), luxury wood-like vinyl is your best bet. Not only does it look like wood, but it’s also waterproof, which is excellent for an often-moist place like your bathroom.

You could also put bold-colored vinyl in your bathroom. For example, if you like floors without grout lines and want your flooring to be pink, vinyl is your buddy.

6. Work with Herringbone Tiles
If nothing’s coming to mind, herringbone is it. You really can’t go wrong with it — unless you choose a color that clashes horribly with your bathroom’s color scheme. Plus, the pattern on your bathroom floor is always going to catch your eye when you go for a shower.

However, try to scrub your tiles every month or so. Why? Because they collect dust like nobody’s business and begin to look ugly when the grout lines start to weather and dirt crawls into the runnels between each tile.

7. Become Consistent with Natural Stone Slabs
Natural stone slabs are your best friend when it comes to elegance. They’re seamless, striated, and luxurious. Plus, they look great anywhere — the floor, wall, sink, etc. But they’re also expensive as hell and require a boatload of care.

So only go with natural stone slabs if you’re building the bathroom of your dreams or have cash to spare. Don’t decide on a marble vanity if you’re on a budget. That’s a great way to run into bad luck.

The Takeaway
Your bathroom may be small, but it has character in spades. Or at least, you can give it character in spades. And the best (and often cheapest) way to do that is to change your flooring. And there are endless options if you’re doing that.

Plus, your bathroom is your humble abode. You can go as crazy as you like.

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