9 Types of Water Heaters for Every Family Size

If you enjoy taking hot showers after a long, tiring day, it’s time to learn about the numerous types of water heaters, which are likely the most hardworking item in your home.

Hot water is commonly used in the home for bathing, cleaning (washing dishes and clothes), and cooking. When purchasing a water heater, you must consider two crucial factors: that it not only meets your family’s daily requirement for hot water but also greatly reduces your energy bills. You will also look for professional services working as a plumbing contractor in NYC as it would further save you from Hassel of perfect fitting of your water heater.

Let’s look at your alternatives so you can choose the best water heater for your family’s needs.
Water Heater Types
Here are the top 9 types of water heaters to review:

1. Standard storage water heater
The most common type of water heater is a conventional storage water heater.
These water heaters maintain and store hot water for use whenever the tap is turned on. These water heaters are incredibly convenient to use, but they take more electricity than other water heaters since they must repeatedly heat the water to keep it hot for an extended period of time.

2. Instant Water Heaters
Instant water heaters heat water only when the tap is turned on. As soon as the faucet is flicked on, the cold water goes to the water heater’s heat source and rapidly becomes hot. Because of this, these water heaters are called to as quick water heaters.

3. Air-water heaters
The air-water heater produces heat from the air and is particularly energy-efficient due to its low electricity consumption. Using air-water heaters can save as much as 60 per cent of electricity.

4. Solar water heaters
Solar water heaters are extremely energy-efficient since they utilize solar energy. However, the installation of solar water heaters might be extremely expensive for many people. Therefore, solar water heaters are preferable.

5. Condensing Water Heaters
Seventy per cent of households are installed with condensing water heaters, despite their predominant use in commercial settings. They are classified as combination boilers. A condensing water heater is available in both tank and tankless models.The amazing value of a condenser water heater makes it practically impossible to run out of hot water. Therefore, it is ideal for large families.

6. Heat Pump Water Heater
In terms of energy consumption, this means that heat pump water heaters consume 60 per cent less energy than traditional water heaters.
These water heaters, also known as hybrid electric water heaters, can save you big bucks on your electricity bill because their heating method does not involve direct heat generation—hence, lower power usage!

7. Combined Space & Water Heating System
Combined water and space heating systems may or may not include hydronic boilers. Incorporating an efficient hydronic air handler with big coils for heat transmission and, consequently, space heating, these systems are an excellent alternative to forced-air furnaces.
These heaters are ideal for homes with low heating requirements.

8. Smart Water Heater
Smart water heaters might be a thermostat or a tankless system that works with your current heater. These systems allow you to connect to Wi-Fi, save energy by monitoring and regulating the temperature, reduce water damage through leak detection, and destroy germs within the water heater by cycling water temps; some can even serve as water softener substitutes.

9. Tankless Coil and Indirect Water Heaters
Tankless coil heaters warm water through a coil or heat exchange. In colder climates, these systems perform better. Indirect water heaters circulate fluid heated by a hot place through a heat exchanger.

Final Words
When deciding how to handle the purchase and installation of a water heater, it is essential to rely on the knowledge of experienced specialists who can implement the best option for your home. So you can easily get the services of any professional plumbing contractor in NYC for the perfect fitting of your water heater.

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