How to Cut Your Bathroom Renovation Costs

Planning on giving your bathing space a fresh look? The idea of having a walk-in rain shower, a whirlpool tub, or maybe European hardware must’ve crossed your mind at some point.

But if you’re playing with a tight budget, you should be ready to dial down your fantasies.
Having said that, you can still pull off an amazing bathroom recreation job without spending a fortune. Here’s how

Do The Demolition Yourself
Before putting your fancy bathroom accessories in place, you’d need to break apart some of the pre-existing stuff. Consider getting your hands dirty for this to save as much as $1000.
What you’ll need? Probably a sledgehammer, a large crowbar, a pray bar, and a claw hammer. Just one thing—before striking your first blow, however, make sure you steer clear of concealed electrical wiring and water pipes.

Avoid Disturbing Utilities
If it comes to rearranging the pipes, you’re in for a big dent in your wallet. So, take this one as a rule of thumb!
In fact, when you’re changing the layout of your bathroom, you’d want to ensure the existing utilities remain untouched—which may include supply lines, drains, HVAC fixtures, electric lines, and more.

Shop for Used Vanities
Unlike kitchens, bathrooms don’t host a bunch of cabinets and shelving. This means, you’re saved from the struggle to match uppers and lowers, which otherwise leads to limited shades and pattern choices.
For this reason, getting a second-hand sink vanity could be quite feasible and a cost-cutting purchase. Check out the Facebook marketplace and classified ads in your area!

Refresh With Paint
Why cover your bathroom in tiles when a few strokes of paint could give a glow-up?
There’s no denying that even the most basic tiles could stretch your expenses. So, instead of having floor-to-ceiling tiles, you could keep them to the floor and shower area, and paint the rest of the wall.

Purchase the Subway Tile
Granted, those multi-colored ceramic or glass mosaic tiles look exquisite. But if that’s what’s on your mind, be prepared to invest $100 per sq. foot.
A much low-priced way round is to get creative with the standard subway tiles. Instead of going for premium options, go for white subway tiles and border them up with fancy tiles.

Get Multiple Quotes
On the one hand, it’s not feasible to DIY a big-scale bathroom renovation. On the other, hiring a licensed contractor could trouble your budget.
Let’s face it—you will need to hire professionals to renovate bathroom safely and effectively. What’s in your control, however, is to find the best rates. For that, there are two things you should be doing: 1) get multiple quotes, and 2) negotiate.

Reuse What You Can
If you’re intending to replace every last screw or tub stopper, you’ll likely flush your financial plan down the drain.
So, avoid tossing perfectly functional items for the sake of a ‘fresh start’. Not only that, some materials (like panels or fixtures) might just require a bit of cleaning or touch-ups than having to uproot altogether.

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