How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Most of us dream of a generous bathroom. Needless to say, you can’t do that without making some major renovations.
The good thing—you can still revamp your bathroom look for a spacious feel by making a few clever changes to the interior design.

Keep reading to find out!

Install a Larger Mirror
There are two benefits of adding a larger mirror: one, it gives the impression of increased bathroom space; two, it brightens up the bathroom by reflecting in more light.

A super-sized mirror of about 5×3 feet should be good enough to hit the ground running. All It would take is a cordless drill, coupled with a drill bit, and some screws for your DIY job.

Select Your Material Carefully
Your material choice is a major deciding factor in how light or dark your bathroom comes out.
Adding soft-colored tiles is a quick way to add a glow to your bathroom. However, you can take it up a notch by counting on reflective elements like glass, marble, and metal finish.

Keep It Minimalistic
Most of us are tempted to utilize the entire space available. But if you’re aiming to make it roomy, you need to leave some of it exposed.

Before anything else, this could mean opting for a smaller vanity. And if your toilet or tub happens to be close to your vanity—consider yourself lucky to have more open space!

Consider Floating Vanity
Maintaining a good balance between storage and roominess can be tricky in a tight bathroom space.
A floating vanity makes a good hack to get around this challenge. This way, you can store your bathroom essentials, and have a bit of room underneath that gives you space to breathe.

Use a Glass Panel
Remove the stuffy feel of your bathroom by replacing your curtains with glass panels!
This time around, the bigger look comes at the expense of compromised privacy, however. For that, a frosted or tinted glass could fulfill the purpose while still allowing ample light to pass through.

Minimize Color Contrast and Dividing Lines
If you notice lots of dividing lines and sharp contrast between colors, you still have margins to play. Why? Because dividing lines and color contrasts make a space feel cramped up.
So, get rid of them wherever possible. This can be done, for example, by matching the wainscot or crown molding with the wall color.

Apply Bright Lighting
Lighting works wonders in any closed space by rendering it a bright and open look. So, you can’t miss out on it if you’re struggling with a small bathroom.

As much as lighting matters, what also matters is spreading it out evenly. This means multiple lighting sources placed at different locations inside the bathroom, instead of having a bunch of them packed together.

Key Takeaway
You can’t add a few inches to your small bathroom. What you can do, however, is manage the space intelligently.

By getting the max out of lighting, managing your storage efficiently, and making smart choices with your accessories and material.

You could DIY your way and implement these 7 space management tricks. But if you want a maestro to redefine your bathroom with more fresh ideas, get in touch with a bathroom remodeling contractor.

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