Maximizing natural light and improving the flow of the space

In order to design living environments that can improve mental health, productivity, and comfort in our daily lives, natural light is an important factor. You’ll all feel a lot better overall and more connected to nature.

There is no need to explore further if you want to add natural light to your home. Below, we’ll cover 9 simple ways to in maximizing natural light and improving the flow of the space:

1. Clear the windows
Cleaning your windows of any obstructions and opening them to the sunlight may be the best place to begin. The greatest quantity of light cannot enter many windows because of barriers or thick drapes. Barriers can be objects that are close to or on the borders of windows. It is best to eliminate obstructions like thick window frames, wall fixtures next to windows, light-blocking cabinets, and heavy curtain accessories if you want to optimize natural light in your home.

2. Glass walls
A building’s glass walls can give it a contemporary vibe while creating a strong link with the outside world.
Glass walls give residents beautiful views of the surrounding area, such as a rear garden, a park, or other urban green spaces, and assist increase the amount of natural light that enters a building.

3. Helpful flooring options
By selecting polished wooden, laminate, ceramic, or stone floors instead of carpets, flooring can also be made into light-friendly reflectors. In comparison to carpets, these surfaces will reflect much more light. If a carpet is what you prefer, stay with soft, neutral hues.

4. Sunlight looks beautiful in light colors
By removing dramatic wallpaper and dark block colors in favor of a gentle shade of paint, you can introduce lighter colors to your walls. It will seem brighter in the room if you use white colors instead of dark ones, as they will reflect light instead of absorbing it.

5. Connect your house to your lawn
Sometimes perception and reality are equally important when determining how much natural light a house gets. For instance, it is frequently simpler to believe that the home is receiving its proper share of sunlight if the doors are open and people are continually coming and departing from the house.

6. Use mirrors to reflect as much light as possible
Bring home a range of mirrors to decorate your rooms if you are putting up your interiors. Mirrors beautify a room and also reflect natural light, giving the impression that there is more light in your flat. Mirrors should ideally be positioned across from windows and balcony glass doors to maximize the amount of light entering the room.

7. Set up a skylight
A skylight may help your home get more natural light, as is clear. You may maximize its benefits by installing a new skylight in a room that isn’t intended to get much sunlight. Bathrooms, walk-in closets, and hallway corridors are possible targets.

8. Change the way your furniture is arranged
Bulky furniture not only disrupts light but also gives the appearance of a smaller space. It is important to reevaluate the arrangement of your furniture and move pieces about to improve the room’s flow.

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