Picking the Right under Cabinet Lighting for Your Home

Kitchen Remodel Glossary
Kitchen Remodel Glossary

Since the kitchen is where you prepare your meals, it becomes more of a utilitarian need to have good lighting there.

In the kitchen, under-cabinet lighting is incredibly useful since it can be fitted straight into a cabinet that is already fixed in place rather than having to install a full lamp fixture or ceiling fixture.

Here are some tips for picking the right under-cabinet lightning for your home which can help you add beautiful and practical illumination to your kitchen.

1. Size & Position
Make sure your lights are shallow enough to remain concealed under the cabinet face before anything else. To ensure the fixture will fit neatly and out of sight inside the cabinet lip, just take a quick measurement.

Select a finish that closely resembles your cabinets for the greatest results.

Use light bars that roughly match the width of your cabinets to ensure uniform lighting across the counter.

Instead, if you’re using puck lights, space them 8 to 12 inches apart for equal lighting, or further apart to create light pockets.

2. Color Temperature
The color temperature of the light source has an impact on how food, counters, and cabinets seem. In kelvins, correlated color temperature (CCT) is measured (K). 3500K to 5000K produces a chilly light, while 2700K to 3500K produces a warm glow. Warm-glow lights are excellent for ambient lighting. The brightness of cooler temperatures makes them ideal for job lighting.

3. The wiring
Consider whether you would prefer light that is connected to the mains or your electrical outlets because under cabinet lighting will obviously require a suitable wiring setup.

Keep in mind that direct or hardwired under bureau lighting provides the convenience of a divider switch, but the electrical work will need to be put up with the help of a trained electrician.

4. Certifications for safety
Safety ratings are important. They identify premium brands from competing ones and encourage consumer trust.

The listings let retailers and customers know that a product has been examined and confirmed to meet safety requirements.

Yes, doing so frequently entails spending a little bit more money, but hey, it’s worth it to guarantee a quality product.

Safety checklists are crucial to understanding, even if you are only installing some lights in your bedroom.

5. What LED under cabinet lighting is the best
The most effective LED under cabinet light is one that enables task lighting. After all, we prepare meals, wash dishes, sort mail, brew coffee, and perform other daily “tasks” in our under-cabinet space.

What source of lighting is most effective for tasks? A linear stick light, that is. The ideal type of light fixture for under cabinet lighting is this one.

You really can’t go wrong if puck lights or strip lights are also on your list of options. But a rigid linear light fixture is superior to those two widely used choices.

Final Words
Your kitchen’s under-cabinet lighting options can be both aesthetically beautiful and useful. If you still have questions about which type of lights might work best in your kitchen, your should contact commercial electrical contractors for professional help. Whether you want to talk about a hardwired solution or need more outlets. He would be capable of carrying out it for you because of his expertise and knowledge.

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