Summer Tips: How to Protect Your Wood Flooring

Any home is developed more charming by hardwood flooring, which offers both aesthetic appeal and durability. Solid wood is far more appealing than things like slabs of concrete. However, hardwood flooring also needs additional maintenance. Homeowners frequently experience difficulties with things like sunlight, humidity, and abrupt temperature fluctuations. Unfortunately, summer accentuates these problems and rapidly ruins that lovely rustic appearance.

The summer months may be difficult for hardwood floors. The following summer tips will help in how to protect your wood flooring during heat and humidity.

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure
Your hardwoods could fade and turn discolored if they receive too much direct sunshine. To avoid unnecessary exposure, try to draw the shades or drapes and close the blinds. Open your blinds in the afternoon if your room faces east, for instance. Additionally, it will assist prevent the fading of your room’s furniture and other furnishings. This would increase the life of your wooden floor for a long period.

2. Regulate Indoor Humidity Levels
High humidity during the summer might damage your hardwood flooring depending on where you live.

It’s crucial to regularly check the relative humidity levels in your home, especially during the summer, because wood is a natural product that reacts to humidity by expanding and contracting.

When dealing with hardwood flooring, a good rule of thumb is to keep the humidity levels in your home between 35% and 55%.

A Humidistat or a hygrometer, which monitors the amount of moisture in the air, can be used to gauge the humidity in your home. You run the risk of having moisture soak into your floors, causing them to swell and cup, once the humidity index goes above 55%.

Make sure your air conditioner is functioning correctly or think about purchasing a dehumidifier for your home if you want to prevent humidity from damaging your floors this summer.

3. Getting rid of Summer Grime
Vacations to the beach, hiking, camping, and other outdoor excursions are all enjoyable things to do in the summer. But even the most careful homeowner must cope with the dirt and sand that these activities bring inside.

Summer dirt damages the varnish and wax on your hardwood floors, opening the door to damage from sunshine and humidity. Additionally, summer dirt might occasionally serve as a fungus breeding environment.

Make sure all members of the family and visitors remove their shoes before entering the house and frequently mop your floors.

4. Introducing an Outdoor Shower
It depends on the surrounding landscape. Adding an outdoor shower to your property might also improve its functionality.
So that you can rinse off any possible sticking sand, dirt, or dust far away from your hardwood floor protecting its shine and strength. You should practice this whether you live by the ocean or are returning after being outside.

Final Words
Although maintaining hardwood floors might be difficult, you can make sure that they look great even in the sweltering summer months by collecting the right measurements.

Contact professional woodworking contractors today and discover what experienced and hardworking flooring experts can do for you.

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