Surviving Without a Kitchen during Your Remodel

Glossary of a General Contractor
Glossary of a General Contractor

According to some, a house without a kitchen is not a house at all. This truth becomes even more evident when you are in the middle of a total kitchen remodel.

Pros in the home renovation industry and individuals who have through a kitchen remodel agree that the best way to survive is to flee and stay elsewhere. This is not always possible, so here is what to expect and how to prepare if you must remain in your home during renovations. It is also a good idea to make it done by kitchen remodeling services working in a quick way.

1. Setting up a Temporary Kitchen Safely
The first step in arranging a kitchen renovation is to establish a temporary cooking space. Although the dining room may seem like a logical choice, it is typically too close to the renovation job. During building, there will be plenty of particles in the air everything from kicked-up dust to sawdust from wood to the potential exposure to germs during plumbing replacement.

If your temporary kitchen is located too close to your renovation, you may be handling food in a dangerous environment. The last thing you need is for your family to acquire food contamination during the reconstruction of your kitchen. Generally, a study or room located distant from the kitchen is a decent temporary location.

2. Keep the Cooking Simple
During the remodeling of your kitchen, you may not have access to a stove or oven, making it difficult to prepare typical home-cooked meals. Consider purchasing pre-made meals, fresh produce and meat, and other simple-to-prepare goods. You may also want to plan a budget for dining out on specific days throughout your restoration so that you can enjoy the meals you like without having to deal with a temporary kitchen.

3. Be smart when washing dishes
No matter how hard you try, there will always be some dishes that require washing. Ideally, you can wash them in the bathroom sink or tub. Alternatively, you might use the hose to fill a large cooler with soapy water and wash the items there.

4. Call a Friend
Ask a friend or relative whether you can use their kitchen to prepare and/or cook meals. Preparing goods in bulk eliminates the need to chop and marinate in your living room or laundry room. Then, simply place everything in your slow cooker or pan to cook.
If a friend is kind enough to let you cook in their kitchen, you can freeze the meals and reheat them at home. This will assist you in avoiding frequent dining out to save money.

5. Maintain an abundant supply of Disposable Items
During a kitchen remodel, it is tough to repeatedly wash and clean the dishes. The solution to this issue is to keep disposable plates, utensils, and glasses on hand. These are readily discarded once they have been used.

Last Words
We are all familiar with how tough it can be to exist without a kitchen during remodeling when there is no sink, stove, or place to prepare food. The reality is that it’s all part of saying goodbye to your old kitchen and welcoming your new dream kitchen. you can speed up this work by having professional help from kitchen remodeling services near you.

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