Ideas for Kitchen Pantry Storage and Organization

Kitchen is a main place for any home. You pay special attention to its storage and organization. These great kitchen organization ideas will help you maximize your storage space and keep it neat and tidy.

1. Store on the door
Place snack and dip packets front and center with hooks and clips so they don’t get lost. Hang a grocery list on your door to help you stick to your weekly meal plan. You can even write names on the hook plaques, so everyone has their own snack area.

2. Bundle up and go
Use baskets to keep tall bottles like oils and sauces together—and to keep your pantry free of spills. Organize baskets by meal time so you don’t have to hunt for ingredients or gather “friendly foods” for anyone with allergies.

3. Keep your Command Center handy
Want to make stocking your pantry even easier? Hang a shopping list nearby to refer to whenever supplies run low. Put your checklist in a glass frame, check off what you need with dry-erase markers, and snap a quick photo when you’re ready to hit the store.

4. Set or stack pots and pans
After trying lots of different methods for storing pots and pans and their lids, you may always seem to come back to stacking them inside with the lid on top. You would like the idea of other methods like filing or hanging the lids on the back of the door, but in practice this is one example where the simplest solution was the best solution. It covers up less space so you can save this area for more valuable things. These are also good for keeping your kitchen pots more organized and clean.

5. Files and cutting boards
Given the choice between “filing” things upright or stacking them flat, You can almost always choose filing. It allows you to see all items at once. And you don’t always disassemble and reassemble to get to the item you need. To give your pans and cutting boards a little extra support when filing them. These are the nice addition to your kitchen for doing the cutting work of fruits and vegetables in a more organized way.

6. Use compartments to enclose small items on shelves
Sometimes we have a lot of small things that we need to store together in our closets. Rather than having lots of little things lying around making a mess, you would like to put similar things together in a bin to keep things organized.

7. Maximize the space under the sink with folding drawers
A vanity unit is typically tall and deep, so utilizing vertical space is of the utmost importance! These clear stacking drawers are some of my favorites for storing small items. We had our years and they held up beautifully.

Final Words
You can try these tips to spend less and organize your kitchen in a quick nice way. However, you can get help from professionals for kitchen remodeling in NYC for a better idea.

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