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Bathroom Remodeling

A contemporary interior design is just not complete without a bathroom remodeling. Although it is the least inhabited room in the house, the bathroom completes the decor scheme, while fulfilling its important role as the room of cleanliness.


Our Bathroom Remodeling Services


  • Tiling and floors: Our tiling and flooring experts completely revamp your bathroom's interior, rendering it fresh and totally redesigned.

  • Counters and cabinets: We merge the counter and cabinet installations with the tiling and general aesthetic theme of the toilet, to complete the design formula while providing some valuable storage space for toiletries and such.

  • Toilets and misc. installations: Of course, no bathroom remodeling job is complete without a toilet installation. We provide expert installation services which preserve the working life of toilets and ensure quality fittings.


Why Choose Us

We, at Supreme Renovation, ensure super quality throughout our remodeling projects, coupled with an effective and efficient work ethic that gets the job done in time, and with zero compromises on longevity.


If you have a bathroom you need from the ground up, or just spruced up a bit, get in touch with us on +1(347)896-3235, for a free estimate.remodeled